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Sugar mill chains


Sugar mill chains

1)Process more raw product.Minimize downtime.Maximize your profits.Get to market faster. 

2) Increased chain life.Proven performance.State-of-the-art solutions.Lower cost of ownership.

3)Sugar mill and related-equipment manufacturers are on a constant quest to make handling equipment efficient,durable, and economical. The sticky,corrosive process of separating juice from bagasseg presents a particular challenge. Renold Jeffrey chains,manufactured in stainless steel or cost-effective standard cast iron, provide a simple,reliable solution. 

4) Made from stainless steel or standard cast iron, intermediate conveyor chains work with sprockets cast integrally in pairs. Driving action takes place on the round barrels on either side of the chain, preventing material from packing under the slats and causing the chain to jump the sprockets..

5)We have the CE, GS, SGS, ISO9001 conformity certifications.
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