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CTS's goal is not only to sell products, but also to become a long-term partner of customers. We provide customized services to help customers expand their brand influence and jointly promote industry efficiency and innovation.
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The Leader in Power Transmission Solutions Driving the Future

As one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial power transmission system solutions, we are not only a manufacturing expert in sprocket factories, but also a leader in industrial power transmission system solutions. Our story begins with the manufacturing of chains. Relying on our powerful sprocket factory, we have successfully expanded the series of products for sprocket matching transmission parts, including chains, gears, racks, pulleys, taper sleeves, couplings, etc. to provide unparalleled Supply chain integration and innovative solutions.Over the years, CTS has not only been a leading supplier in the agricultural industry but also served many industries such as auto parts, logistics and transportation, mining, and heavy industry. We not only provide first-class quality but also provide customized services to meet the diverse needs of customers.CTS (Chain Transmission Solutions) carries the mission of "Transmit Force, Drive Future" and upholds the commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainable development.


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Who Are We

Success Requires Efficient Structures

As a family-owned company, our strength lies in combining traditional values with a young, dynamic team. This combination allows us to maintain the stability of our heritage while injecting new thinking that drives the company to remain agile and innovative in the marketplace.

Why We are Different

We Focus on 4 Key Areas, Service, Support and Your Success

I believe this is why 95% of our customers choose us.

One-Stop Supply Chain

As a family-owned company, our strength lies in combining traditional values with a young, dynamic team. This combination allows us to maintain the stability of our heritage while injecting new thinking that drives the company to remain agile and innovative in the marketplace.

Technological Innovation and Factory Direct Sales

CTS not only focuses on product quality but also on technological innovation. We use advanced means such as CAD design, material technology, and surface treatment technology to continuously improve product performance. As an integration of industry and trade, we implement direct sales from the factory to ensure controllable delivery and rapid feedback.

Global Market Coverage and Sustainable Development

With its excellent sales network, factory direct sales advantages, big brand endorsement and good market reputation, CTS products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places. We focus on customer needs while committing to sustainable development. With "Transmit Force, Drive Future" as our business goal, we provide support to various industries and promote efficiency and innovation.

In-Depth Understanding of Industry Applications

We have an in-depth understanding of major market areas such as construction machinery, auto parts, logistics and transportation, agricultural machinery, and mining heavy industry machinery, which allows us to provide customers with solutions that are more relevant to actual needs. Understanding that exceptional accuracy, reliability, efficiency and performance are critical to you, we provide highly targeted, highly customized solutions. Our products are not only transmission parts, but also effective tools for customers to solve practical problems, helping various industries to improve work efficiency and reliability.

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Over 200 Customer Choices

At CTS, we strive to provide high-quality industrial power transmission system solutions with customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.
Agricultural Machinery Industry

In the field of agricultural machinery, CTS® products demonstrate excellent durability and stability. Our equipment performed well in different agricultural operation scenarios, and the performance of the drive system exceeded our expectations. Their expertise and customized services make our agricultural machinery more efficient.

——Agricultural Machinery Industry

Construction Machinery Industry

The customized transmission parts provided by CTS® perform well in construction machinery applications. Under high load and harsh environments, the stability and wear resistance of the transmission system have been significantly improved. Their professional team understood our needs and provided practical solutions.

——Construction Machinery Industry

Wood Processing Industry

As a wood processing industry factory, we are deeply impressed by the transmission solutions provided by CTS®. They not only meet our highly customized needs in product design but also provide smooth and efficient material handling in lumber mills and processing by improving transmission efficiency. They are our long-term strategic partners.

——Wood Processing Industry


Sustainability is Important to Us

Through the implementation of environmental protection policies and the promotion of technological innovation, we will continue to move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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