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81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains

81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains
81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains

81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains

The 81XHE lumber conveyor chain are high-strength chain designed specifically for heavy-duty lumber handling applications.
CategoriesLumber Conveyor Chain
Model81X Series Conveyor Chain
MeterialCarbon Steel
Surface TreatmentShot Peening/Heat Treatment/Plating/Lubrication
AccuracyHigh precision engineering chain
QualityDurable engineering chain
InterchangeabilityDirectly interchangeable with other brands
Update TimeJul 25,2024
Detail Information
About 81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chains 

CTS® 81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chain

The 81XH chain features a 2.609" pitch and is a  steel bushed roller chain within the engineer class. Renowned for its heavy duty design with thicker sidebars, it excels in shock-load resistance and tensile strength. Manufactured to ANSI specifications, it's interchangeable with other brands. We also provide 81XH sprockets81X chain attachments81X chain breaker. Widely used globally in lumber, agricultural, mills, grain handling, and various drive and conveying applications due to its superior strength and effective design.

The 81XHE lumber conveyor chain is a specific type of conveyor chain designed for applications within the lumber industry. It is part of the 81X chain series, which is renowned for its robustness and suitability for heavy-duty conveying tasks. The "HE" designation typically indicates "extra-heavy" or "extra-hardened" variants within the chain series.

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Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.

81X Series 81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chain Technical Data

81XHE lumber Conveyor Chain Dimensions

  • Pitch(P): 66.27 mm
  • Roller diameter(d1): 22.20 mm
  • Width between inner plates(b1): 27.00 mm
  • Pin diameter(d2): 11.10 mm
  • Pin length(L): 59.5 mm
  • Pin length(Lc): 63.0 mm
  • Inner plate depth(h2): 28.50 mm
  • Plate thickness(T): 6.30 mm
  • Tensile strength: 83.3/18927 kN/lbf
  • Weight per meter: 5.09 kg/m
81X Series 81XHE Lumber Conveyor Chain dimension chart
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