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Key Steps in the Heat Treatment Process of CTS

When it comes to CTS's advanced heat treatment process, CTS focuses on significantly improving the hardness and wear resistance of the sprocket chain through precise control of temperature and quenching processes. CTS's heat treatment process uses the following key steps to infuse superior performance into the sprocket chain:

Precise Temperature Control

We use advanced heat treatment equipment capable of controlling within a very narrow temperature range. This ensures that the sprocket chain reaches the exact critical temperature during the heating phase, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent quenching and tempering steps.

Quenching Process Optimization

We carefully design and optimize the quenching process to ensure that both the surface and internal crystal structure of the sprocket chain can undergo uniform and dense changes under rapid cooling. This helps increase overall stiffness, allowing the product to maintain excellent performance under high loads and harsh environments.

Tempering Control

After quenching, we perform precise tempering, controlling temperature and time to achieve the ideal balance of hardness and toughness. This not only helps to reduce the brittleness of the sprocket chain, but also increases its wear resistance under severe friction and high load conditions.

Through this series of precise heat treatment steps, our sprocket chain not only has excellent hardness and can resist the erosion of the external environment, but also shows excellent wear resistance and extends its service life. This advanced heat treatment process is one of the keys to the excellence of our products, providing customers with manufacturing assurance of high performance and reliability.

CTS Heat Treatment Process Case

By optimizing the heat treatment process, CTS successfully improved the performance of customers' sprocket chains.

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