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The wood processing industry is a cornerstone of various sectors, providing essential materials for construction, furniture, paper, and more. Its importance extends beyond economic contributions to encompass environmental sustainability, job creation, and cultural significance. Sustainable practices within the wood processing industry are crucial for ensuring the long-term viability of this valuable resource.CTS chains and sprockets are fundamental components in the wooden processing industry, supporting the efficient and precise movement of wood materials through various stages of processing. Their reliability, durability, and adaptability contribute to the overall value of wood processing equipment, ensuring the industry can meet the demand for high-quality wood products in a cost-effective and efficient manner.We have the capability to manufacture custom transmission products for OEM and aftermarket dealers, contact us with your requirements.

The 81X Series Lumber Conveyor Chain boasts a 2.609" pitch and falls under the category of steel bushed roller chains within the engineer class. Often referred to as an 81X conveyor chain, it features a straight side plate design, making it a popular choice for conveying applications.

The 81X lumber conveyor sprockets are designed and manufactured on basis of the transmission chain sprockets. They combine high strength, durability and fatigue resistance to suit demanding applications.

CTS® offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial roller chains that meet professional standards. Our product line includes ANSI roller chain, Metric roller chain, stainless steel roller chain, heavy duty roller chain, double pitch roller chain, and attachement roller chain, all made from the finest materials.

Chain sprockets are vital components in power transmission systems. They consist of toothed wheels designed to engage with and drive chains efficiently. CTS chain sprockets are meticulously engineered for durability and precision, ensuring seamless performance in various industrial applications.

You rely on your equipment and you need to know that your equipment will be available when you are ready. Wood processing applications face many challenges, such as:

  • Market Demand and Economic Fluctuations

  • Technological Advancements

  • Waste Management

  • Supply Chain Complexity

  • Sustainable Resource Management
Our high-quality lifting chains and sprockets options will support tools used in any size operation: CTS Chains and sprockets's reliability, durability, and precise operation contribute to the overall efficiency of lifting industry, for example elevator industry, realizing the industry's value by ensuring the safety and security when operation


Pass Quality Test

By adhering to material selection,precision manufacturing, resistance to environmental factors, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, considerations and conducting thorough quality testing, sprockets and chains in the wood processing industry can meet the demanding requirements of machinery, ensuring reliable performance, longevity, and safety in wood processing operations. CTS conduct these tests internally or work with third-party testing facilities to ensure the reliability and performance of their sprockets and chains in wood processing applications. Regular quality control measures and continuous improvement efforts are crucial for delivering components that meet or exceed the expectations of the wood processing industry.

Whether you are looking for sprockets or chains for timber processing, transportation or clicing CTS has your chains and sprockets in stock! For your convenience, we maintain roller chains and sprockets with a variety of dimensions.

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