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The food industry plays a crucial and multifaceted role in society, influencing various aspects of our daily lives, the economy, and global well-being. Its influence extends across multiple sectors, making it an integral component of our interconnected world.CTS Chains and sprockets are employed in the machinery used for baking, food transportation and filtering. Conveyor systems with these components help efficiently increase the production and reduce the time, ensuring food companies、factories even shops meet customers' increasing demands. CTS transmission chains and sprockets offer the solutions to improve the efficiency.We have the capability to manufacture custom transmission products for OEM and aftermarket dealers, contact us with your requirements.

Flap top chains for conveyors represent a specialized form of stainless steel chains primarily utilized in beverage applications for the transportation of beers, drinks, food items, glassware, and more. 

Bottle Washer Conveyor Chains – essential components crafted from stainless steel, specially designed for use in beverage machinery. 

As a result of our technical cooperation with domestic bread manufacturers and our continuous improvement, we can offer you a complete set of bread machine chains for smooth and precise conveying needs of bread bread in different specifications.

CTS® high-quality sprockets for bread machines. Leveraging our deep technical expertise and close collaboration with domestic bread manufacturers, we provide a comprehensive range of sprockets tailored to meet the precise conveying requirements of various bread machine models.

You rely on your equipment and you need to know that your equipment will be available when you are ready. Food applications face many challenges, such as:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Food Safety Concerns

  • Sustainability and Environmental Impact

  • Changing Consumer Preferences

  • Shipping and Logistics
Our high-quality food chains and sprockets options will support tools used in any size operation: CTS Chains and sprockets's reliability, durability, and precise operation contribute to the overall efficiency of food industry, such as barking, transportation,filtering, realizing the industry's value by ensuring a smooth and continuous production process from the plantation to the final product.


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With the help of CTS products, the food industry can break away from manual production and greatly improve production efficiency by relying on machines. For example, in bread baking, CTS brand C2082HHA1 chains and C2082H sprockets are used. Having high-temperature resistance, it will not break due to excessive temperature during use, resulting in bread making failure. While downtime is inevitable for any food operation, our goal is to minimize lost time by providing the parts workers need to keep all their equipment in top condition. Day-to-day wear and tear is expected and can be planned for, but we strive to reduce the potential for unplanned downtime by maintaining large food chain inventories.

Whether you are looking for sprockets or chains for baking, transportation, filtering, CTS has your chains and sprockets in stock! For your convenience, we maintain roller chains and sprockets with a variety of dimensions.

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We have extensive experience. We leverage technical knowledge and advanced products to find a solution for every use case, every application and every requirement. This is how we make sure you progress.Whether it’s a complex plant build or optimizing a machine by replacing an existing chain – from sketch on paper to finished product, we’re at your side.

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Areas such as Industry 4.0, digitalization and automation have always been key topics in industry development. We turn your challenges into our shared opportunities. Ideally located, we are able to respond flexibly to changing needs and continually drive the development of new products to meet the requirements of highly automated systems. In this process, we always put economy and efficiency first.

Therefore, we keep a close eye on production costs throughout the project. Through sophisticated calculations of total cost of ownership (TCO), we demonstrate optimization potential and concrete solutions for cost savings. We are committed to providing you with more affordable solutions that will help you thrive in the future.

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