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Roller Chains

Roller Chains

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Roller Chain

What is Industrial Roller Chain?

CTS® offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial roller chains that meet professional standards. Our product line includes ANSI roller chainsMetric roller chainsstainless steel roller chains, heavy-duty roller chains, double-pitch roller chains, and attachment roller chains, all made from the finest materials. We have spent over a decade refining our processes to deliver products with outstanding strength and durability for your needs. Whether you require chains for power transmission applications or mechanical drives, you can rely on CTS®'s expertise in manufacturing to consistently provide reliable industrial roller chain solutions. Our dedicated team can assist you in choosing the chain that best suits your requirements. Contact us now and let us help meet your needs.

Roller Chain

Roller Chain Type

Roller Chain

Roller Chain Selection

Roller Chains

ModelStock LevelMore
ANSI #15 Roller ChainANSI Simplex Roller ChainIn Stock
Conveyor Roller Chain- Fvc63 Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (Fvc Series) Support Customization And WholesaleFVC63 Hollow pin conveyor chains (FVC series)Available Now
Conveyor roller chain- FV63 Conveyor chains (FV series) DimensionsFV63 Conveyor chains (FV series)In Stock
Conveyor roller chain- 08B-U1 Roller chains with U type attachments Dimensions08B-U1 chains with U type attachmentsIn Stock
Conveyor roller chain- 08B-G1 Roller chains with vulcanised elastomer profiles Dimensions08B-G1 chains with vulcanized elastomer profilesIn Stock
Conveyor roller chain- P42.47F1 Lumber conveyor chains & attachments typesP42.47F1 Lumber conveyor chains & attachmentsIn Stock
Conveyor roller chain- 208A Double pitch conveyor chain attachments types208A double pitch chains attachmentIn Stock
Conveyor roller chain- 24A-1 Short pitch conveyor chains with extended pins Dimensions24A-1 conveyor chains with extended pinsIn Stock
Conveyor roller chain- Z40 Conveyor chains (Z series) DimensionsZ40 Conveyor chains (Z series)In Stock
Conveyor roller chain- ZE40 Conveyor chains (ZE series) DimensionsZE40 Conveyor chains (ZE series)In Stock
High-Quality Conveyor Roller Chains for OEM and Distributors - MC28 Hollow Pin Conveyor ChainsMC28 Hollow pin conveyor chains (MC series)In Stock
Conveyor roller chain- FVT40 Conveyor chains (FVT series) DimensionsFVT40 Conveyor chains (FVT series)In Stock

Common Problem

Roller Chain FAQ

What is the difference between a bush chain and a roller chain?
The primary distinction between a roller chain and a bush chain lies in their design. Roller chains incorporate rollers that slide over the bushings, reducing wear between the bushings and the sprocket teeth.
What is the advantage of a roller chain drive?
The rollers, evenly spaced between roller chain links, interface with the chain sprocket teeth to transmit power via the chain. Roller chains offer a notable advantage: they rotate upon contact with the chain sprocket teeth, minimizing power loss.
What is the difference between 40 and 41 roller chain?
The difference between #41 roller chain and #40 roller chain lie in their roller width, diameter, plate height, thickness, overall width, and tensile strength.

Common Problem

Roller Chain Application

Common Problem

About CTS® Roller Chain

Professional Roller Chain supplier

CTS® Roller Chain is an industry-leading roller chain supplier with excellent customer service. We have been providing industrial chain solutions for 14 years. We offer a wide range of industrial chains options: roller chainsconveyor chainsstainless steel chainsheavy-duty roller chainsdouble pitch roller chainsroller chain attachments, etc. We also support roller chain customization services.We believe that every customer deserves our full attention, and you can depend on our professional team members to help you find the right product.

Your trusted partner in custom Roller Chain manufacturing

At CTS®, we are more than just a industrial chain manufacturer and supplier; we are your partner on the road to success. Our commitment to providing the best custom Roller Chain solutions for your industry continues to grow with each passing day. As we continue to expand our facilities and manufacturing activities, we are committed to setting new standards in the Roller Chain industry. Join us on this journey of technology and innovation.

Contact us today to learn how CTS® can provide you with a perfectly customized industrial roller chain that fits the unique needs of your industry.

CTS's Commitment

High-quality materials and manufacturing:

We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction as our differentiators.

Pursuit of perfection:

We strive to be the “best” in all our actions.

Customer-centric approach:

We value our customers’ needs and treat them as our roadmap.

Continuous Innovation:

Research and development are core values for our growth and success.

Global Vision:

Transmit Force, Drive Future. We aspire to become a globally renowned company that drives a more sustainable future with high-quality industrial transmission products.

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