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12B Roller Chain


12B Roller Chain

12B Roller Chain

12B Roller Chain

12B Roller Chain features a 19.05mm chain pitch and solid cold-forged chain rollers, it ensures superior wear resistance and performance. The through-hardened high-strength chain pins enhance longevity, while the precision solid round parts minimize internal friction, providing a smooth operation. Meeting ISO 606 and DIN 8187 standards, the 12B chain guarantees reliable performance in demanding environments.

12B Roller Chain Dimension

12B Roller Chain Size Chart
Roller diameter
Roller width
Pin diameter
Pin length
Plate depth
Plate thickness
Tensile strength
Weight per meter
19.050 mm
12.07 mm
11.68 mm
5.72 mm
22.50 mm
16.00 mm
1.85 mm

12B Roller Chain Specs

We offer a wide range of 12B roller chains to meet specific applications. Each 12B roller chain is crafted from high-quality steel, featuring heat-treated and shot-peened components to maximize durability and performance. Whether you require a standard, heavy-duty, hollow pin, or specialty 12B chains, our precision engineering and stringent quality control guarantee reliable and efficient operation across all industrial environments. 

12B Roller Chain Solution

We manufacture 12B roller chains using high-quality materials and offer various material options to meet special requirements and applications.

If you don't find a solution that meets your requirements, please contact us for customized options.
Carbon Steel 40 Roller Chain

Carbon Steel 12B Roller Chain

Our carbon steel metric 12B roller chain boasts high strength and wear resistance, making it ideal for typical operating environments. Metric 12B roller chain finds applications in various industries, including general industrial and agricultural machinery.
Stainless Steel 40 Roller Chain

Stainless Steel 12B Roller Chain

Stainless steel 12B roller chains are characterized by their high resistance to corrosion, making them well-suited for use in demanding environments. Metric 12BSS  roller chain finds applications across various industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and marine equipment, where durability and reliability are needed.
Nickel Plated 40 Roller Chain

Nickel Plated 12B Roller Chain

In humid and mildly corrosive environments, Nickel-plated 12B roller chains showcase their resistance to rust and corrosion, rendering them suitable.  The 12BNP roller chains are mostly employed in food processing equipment and outdoor machinery.

12B Roller Chain Accessories

Whether you need 12B roller chain attachments12B roller chain connecting links, 12B chain sprockets, or roller chain breakers, we have a full range of accessories. If you need any 12B chain accessories, please get in touch with us.
12B Roller Chain Attachments
12B roller chain attachments are essential components designed to enhance the functionality and adaptability of standard 12B roller chains. Metric 12B roller chains with attachments are commonly used in conveyors, packaging, and agricultural machinery.
12B Roller Chain Connecting Links

12B Chain Connecting Links

12B roller chain connecting link, also known as a 12B roller chain master link, is a removable component used to join or disconnect sections of a roller chain. It allows quick and easy maintenance, making the roller chain assemble or disassemble in machinery.
12B Roller Chain Breakers
12B roller chain breakers are designed to cut and break roller chains efficiently. It simplifies removing or resizing chains by separating the links without damaging them. 

12B Chain Sprockets
Metric 12b roller chain sprockets are engaged with size 12B roller chains. We have a complete selection of 12B chain sprockets ranging from A-plate, B-hub, taper-bushed, plain bore sprocket, and finished bore sprocket configurations. 

12B Roller Chain Application

The metric 12B roller chain is widely used in many industries and has become the main chain size for most applications. Each component of our 12B chain is precisely manufactured professionally heat-treated and shot-peened for optimal performance. Keep in mind that the standard carbon steel 12B roller chain is designed to operate in temperatures from 15°F to 140°F, with a heat-treated hardness range of HRC 45-55. For any situations outside this range, please contact us for a solution.
Roller Chain Application
Roller Chain Application
Roller Chain Application
Conveyor Systems: Used in various types of conveyor systems to move materials and products efficiently.

Agricultural Machinery: Employed in equipment such as harvesters, tractors, and planters for transmitting power.

Industrial Machinery: Utilized in machines like packaging equipment, printing presses, and textile machinery for power transmission and operational functions.

Food Processing Equipment: Used in food processing machinery due to their availability in corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or with special coatings.

Mining Equipment: Used in mining operations for machinery that requires durable and robust power transmission solutions.

Material Handling: Essential in systems like palletizers and depalletizers for handling and moving materials in warehouses and distribution centers.

Elevators and Lifts: Incorporated into the mechanisms of elevators and lifting equipment to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

12B Roller Chain Resource


12B Roller Chain

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CTS®'s Commitment

Enhanced Durability:

Our 12B Roller Chain is crafted to handle exceptional strength, ensuring longevity and reliability in your operations.

Smooth Performance: 

Designed to minimize friction and maximize efficiency.

Versatile Applications: 

Suitable for a wide range of applications, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Reduced Downtime: 

Decreased maintenance due to robust construction and dependable performance.

Quality Assurance: 

Our metric 12B Chain undergoes rigorous testing to meet ANSI standards, guaranteeing superior performance.

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