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FCL Couplings

FCL Couplings

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FCL Coupling

The FCL flexible coupling is renowned for its compact design, facilitating easy installation and convenient maintenance. Its small size and lightweight construction make it a preferred choice across various industries. When installed within specified tolerances, the FCL coupling operates optimally, ensuring smooth function and an extended working life. By accommodating relative displacement between shafts, it minimizes stress on connected equipment and enhances overall system performance. Trust in CTS® the reliability and efficiency of the FCL flexible coupling to meet your industrial needs seamlessly. Experience the benefits of compactness, ease of installation, and durability with the FCL coupling.

FCL Coupling Technical Data

FCL Couplings
FCL Couplings Dimensions Chart
TypeMax torque
Max speed
Permittable relative displacement:
Radial displacement: 0.2~0.6 mm
Angle displacement: 0°30'~1°30'

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FCL Coupling FAQ

What is FCL coupling?
The FCL flexible coupling is renowned for its compact design, easy installation, convenient maintenance, small size, and light weight. When the relative displacement between shafts remains within the specified tolerance, the coupling operates optimally, ensuring a longer working life.
What is flexible shaft coupling?
Flexible couplings join two shafts end-to-end in alignment, enabling both to rotate at the same speed. They flex to accommodate misalignment and movement between shafts, a critical function given that achieving perfect alignment is challenging and seldom accomplished.
What is the difference between rigid and flexible flange coupling?
Rigid couplings link two aligned shafts, while flexible couplings connect shafts that are not perfectly aligned. Flexible couplings are suitable for slight misalignments, whereas rigid couplings require precise alignment and cannot tolerate any misalignment.

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About CTS® FCL Coupling

Professional FCL Coupling supplier

CTS® FCL Coupling is an industry-leading industrial coupling supplier with excellent customer service. We offer prompt delivery, technical support, and after-sales service to ensure seamless integration and operation of their products within customers' systems. In addition, we supply FCL Couplings all over the world, directly from stock! Trustworthy and experienced, CTS® serves as a valuable partner in maintaining smooth and efficient power transmission in industrial settings.

Your trusted partner in custom FCL Coupling manufacturing

At CTS®, we are more than just an industrial FCL coupling manufacturer and supplier; we are your partner on the road to success. As your trusted partner, we deliver precision-engineered solutions tailored to your unique specifications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your industrial applications. Collaborate with us for seamless integration, exceptional quality, and unparalleled support throughout the manufacturing process. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we are your premier choice for custom FCL Coupling solutions.

Contact us today to learn how CTS® can provide you with a perfectly customized industrial FCL coupling that fits the unique needs of your industry.

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