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Chain Couplings

Chain Couplings

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Chain Coupling

Roller chain couplings offer a straightforward yet effective solution, providing a compact and flexible coupling suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. Due to their design, torque is evenly distributed throughout the roller chain and sprocket teeth, ensuring balanced torque distribution within the coupler during operation. Additionally, the slight clearance between the sprockets and chain means that precise shaft alignment is not mandatory for the coupling to function, although optimal alignment is recommended whenever possible.

Chain coupling typically consists of a double-row roller chain, two chain sprockets, and sometimes a coupling cover. At our facility, we stock both ANSI and Metric chain couplings, ensuring compatibility with a variety of systems and requirements. Trust in CTS® roller chain couplings to provide reliable performance and versatility in your applications.

Chain Coupling Technical Data

Chain Couplings
Chain Couplings Dimensions Chart





KC-501650-2 x16164099.7459.7629318.19.722.7110874.810.6
KC-501850-2 x18164599.7459.77010618.115.423.8122856.970.8
KC-801880-2 x182080141.26315.211016929.3142.0312.719012952.132.5
KC-802080-2 x202090145.26515.212018529.3204.9016.021013782.392.9
KC-802280-2 x 2220100157.27115.214020229.3341.1720.2226137  104.073.6
KC-10020100-2x2025110178.88018.816223335.8646.2933.0281153  233.874.6
KC-12018120-2x183512520279022.717025645.41,075.71 47.0307181  460.746.2
KC-12022120-2x22351402210022.721030445.42,454.5072.0357181  803.008.0

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Chain Coupling FAQ

What is a chain coupling?
Chain couplings efficiently transmit power between two shafts, often installed off the end of a motor or gearbox for machinery connection.
What are the advantages of roller chain coupling?
Their capacity to distribute torque evenly within couplers makes them ideal for low-speed, high-torque environments. Coupling chains minimize misalignments between engines and shafts by compensating for up to two degrees of alignment discrepancy.
In what way are grid couplings different than chain couplings?
A grid coupling employs a metal grid inserted into grooves in two coupling halves. This cost-effective, torsionally soft metal coupling absorbs shock loads and dampens vibration. Conversely, a chain coupling utilizes a double-strand roller chain to connect the two hubs.

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About CTS® Chain Coupling

Professional Chain Coupling supplier

CTS® Roller Chain Coupling is an industry-leading chain coupling supplier with excellent customer service. We offer prompt delivery, technical support, and after-sales service to ensure seamless integration and operation of their products within customers' systems. In addition, we supply Chain Couplings all over the world, and supply ANSI and Metric standard Roller chains directly from stock! Trustworthy and experienced, CTS® serves as a valuable partner in maintaining smooth and efficient power transmission in industrial settings.

Your trusted partner in custom Chain Coupling manufacturing

At CTS®, we are more than just an industrial chain coupling manufacturer and supplier; we are your partner on the road to success. As your trusted partner, we deliver precision-engineered solutions tailored to your unique specifications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your industrial applications. Collaborate with us for seamless integration, exceptional quality, and unparalleled support throughout the manufacturing process. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we are your premier choice for custom Chain Coupling solutions.

Contact us today to learn how CTS® can provide you with a perfectly customized industrial chain coupling that fits the unique needs of your industry.

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