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MXL/XL/L/H/XH Series Timing Pulleys


MXL/XL/L/H/XH Series Timing Pulleys

MXL/XL/L/H/XH Series Timing Pulleys

This pulley include different types, and can be matched with different size sprockets, chains and other transmission parts.

At YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS, we are proud to offer the highest quality MXL/XL/L/H/XH Series Timing Pulleys to our customers. 

Operating Temp. Rubber: -30~90°C, Polyurethane: 0~80°C (Reference Value)Although some tooth fabrics for MXL and XL rubber belts (TBN) are changed from black to brown to prevent rubber-dust generation, it does not affect the performance.The figures of belt number have different meanings depending on its type.Belt No. is the number of belt teeth for MXL, and is the belt circumference length for XL, L and H.Belt Circumference Length is the length of Core Wire.TUN - Polyurethane Type - cannot be used with tension from back side.

MXL/XL/L/H/XH/ series timing pulleys are of major importance in synchronous drives based on flexible components.These components enable problems to be overcome efficientlyand very economically, problems that would otherwise require the use of kinematic motion gearing or transmissions with articulated link chains.

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