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Timing Belt Pulley


Timing Belt Pulley

Timing Belt Pulley 

Timing pulleys are specialized pulleys that have either teeth or pockets around the outside diameter of the pulley body. Timing teeth engage holes in the metal belt, while timing pockets engage drive lugs on a belt's inner circumference. 

At YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS, we are proud to offer the highest quality timing belt pully to our customers. 

Timing belt pulley controls and adjusts the opening and closing time of the intake valve and exhaust valve. This time adjustment is based on the position of the piston, the mixing ratio of gasoline or diesel and air, the opening of the throttle (usually controlled by the throttle), etc.

Size available from:MXL 025,XL 037,L 050,L 075,L 100,H 075,H 100,H 150,H 200,H 300,XH 200,XH 300,XH 400,XXH 200,XXH 300,XXH 400,XXH 500,T 2,5,T 5-21,T 5-27,T 5-36,AT 5-21,AT 10-31,HTD 3M-06,HTD 5M-25,HTD 8M-30,HTD 14M-40,HTD 14M-170,AT 10-31,AT 10-40,AT 10-66,HTD 3M-06.

Timing belt pulleys are grooved wheels that are part of the timing belt system. They are used to maximise power transmission through your machinery. Common applications include vehicles, printers and manufacturing equipment.

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