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Hay Elevator Chain

Hay Elevator Chain

Hay Elevator Chain

Our durable bale elevator chains are crafted from heat-treated steel, featuring reliable attachments for efficient hay handling and transport on farms.
CategoriesAgricultural Machinery Chain
MaterialCarbon Steel
Surface TreatmentShot Peening/Heat Treatment/Plating/Lubrication
AccuracyHigh precision cornhead gathering chain
QualityDurable cornhead gathering chain
InterchangeabilityDirectly interchangeable with other brands
Update TimeJul 14,2024
Detail Information

About Hay Elevator Chain

Hay elevator chains are essential for the efficient handling and transport of hay bales on farms. These chains are part of a bale elevator system, which typically consists of a simple skeletal frame and a chain with spiked attachments, driven by an electric motor. Bale elevators have been widely used enhancing farm productivity by simplifying the process of moving bales. 

Our high-quality bale elevator chains are crafted from durable, heat-treated steel, designed to handle the demands of agricultural operations. Featuring detachable links, C1, G27, and HB4 attachments, these chains ensure smooth and reliable bale transportation. 

Whether you're looking to replace an old hay elevator chain or upgrade your equipment, our bale elevator chains provide the perfect combination of strength and durability to keep your operations running smoothly.

Quality Assurance:
ISO9001: 2015 and GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.


  • Precision Machined Components 
  • Low Friction
  • Directly interchangeable with other brands 
  • Uniform Heat Treatment

Bale Elevator Chain
Hay Elevator Chain

Hay Elevator Chain Dimension

Detachable Chain

Detachable Chain
Detachable Chain Dimension Chart
Detachable Chain
No. of
Detachable Chain
Links in
10 Feet
Minimum Tensil
251337600.422  0.180 45/640.904 0.073 
3210413200.594  0.230 15/161.1570.090 
32W10413200.594  0.232 1-1/161.1570.095 
428716800.781  0.265 1-7/321.3750.105 
50H8722400.781  0.280 1-9/321.3750.125 
5110616800.703  0.233 1-3/321.1330.100 
528021600.844  0.303 1-13/321.5080.120 
557422400.796  0.320 1-9/321.6300.125 
627335200.984  0.335 1-9/161.6540.148 
62H7336000.984  0.342 1-7/81.6540.155 
67H5244001.093  0.448 1-7/82.3130.185 
67W5236001.093  0.428 2-3/82.3130.155 
67XH5250001.093  0.463 1-7/82.3130.200 
706040001.093  0.409 115/162.0130.170 
725940001.093  0.409 115/162.0250.170 
S4138401.093  0.518 115/162.9060.170 

Hay Elevator Chain Attachments

C1 Attachment
C1 Attachment
HB4 Attachment
HB4 Attachment
G27 Attachment
G27 Attachment

We offer a variety of bale elevator chain attachments to meet different operational needs. 

The HB4 attachment is a single chain that catches and lifts hay bales. 

The C1 attachment, provided as a matched and tagged pair with bolted slats, distributes the load evenly for higher capacities. 

The G27 attachment also ensures even load distribution, similar to the C1, making it suitable for handling higher loads.

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