Power Transmission (Roller Chain, Chain Sprocket, Gear Rack,Belt Pulley, Taper Bush) Manufacturing & Solution-----A Message to Our Clients and Partners About COVID-19

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KANA Sprocket

Transmission Chain
Leaf Chain & Hoisting Chain   
Drop Forged Chain & Link      

Gear& Rack
Spur Gear 

Hubs & Bushing & Collar            
Taper Bush
XTB Bushing
Split Taper Weld-on Hubs
XTH Weld-on Hubs

European Series V-Belt Pulley 

Chain Coupling
NM Coupling

R Series Helical Gearbox  
F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

DIN Sprocket

Conveyor Chain
Agricultural Chain

Bevel Gear

QD Bushing 
Standard Weld-on Hubs                    QD Weld-on Hubs
Round bore shaft collar      

American Series Sheaves

HRC Coupling
JAW Coupling

K Series Helical-Bevel Gearbox
RXG Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

Engineering Chain
Stainless Steel Chain


Split Taper Bushing
Split-to-Bolt Hubs
QD Weld-on Hubs
Threaded bore shaft collar

Timing Belt Pulley

MH Coupling

S Series Helical-Worm Gearbox
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