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The Teeth Harding Of sprocket


The Teeth Harding Of sprocket

Update Time:2022/8/23
The Teeth Harding Of Sprockets
Hardening teeth considerably increases sprocket lifetime and is suggested for any extended term extraction program especially where abrasion is a problem. With every turning, each sprocket tooth contacts the series. A sprocket using a”hardened tooth” can last three times more than a milder sprocket
Generally, heat treatment is required for the surface of the sprocket. Generally speaking, the hardness of the steel part is large, the toughness is small, and the toughness is relatively strong. The teeth of the sprocket are quenched, and the hardness becomes slightly higher. When driving the chain to rotate , not easily deformed
The advantage of teeth harding
1. The heat source is on the surface of the workpiece, the heating speed is fast, and the thermal efficiency is high
2. Because the workpiece is not heated as a whole, the deformation is small
3. The heating time of the workpiece is short, and the amount of surface oxidation and decarburization is small.
4. The surface hardness of the workpiece is high, the notch sensitivity is small, and the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. It is beneficial to exert the potential of materials, save material consumption, and improve the service life of parts
5. The equipment is compact, easy to use and good working conditions
6. Ease of mechanization and automation
The process of teeth harding 
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