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What Is The Gear Rack ?


What Is The Gear Rack ?

Update Time:2022/7/13
What Is The Gear Rack
A rack is a mechanical part that cooperates with a gear and is used for transmission. It is divided into spur gear rack and helical gear rack, which are paired with spur gear and helical gear respectively . Rack and pinion transmission is a transmission method in which gears and racks cooperate. When the gear is active, the rotary motion can be turned into a linear motion; when the rack is active, the linear motion can be turned into a rotary motion . Rack and pinion drive can be used in elevators, rail systems, automotive steering systems, machine tools and feed mechanisms for actuators.

The rack is equivalent to the index circle infinite cylindrical gear. At this time, the index circle, tip circle and root circle of the gear all become straight lines, and the gear becomes a rack . The tooth profile of a rack is straight (flat for the flanks) rather than an involute like a gear. The inclination angle of the tooth profile is called the tooth profile angle, and the standard value is 20° . The main parameters of the rack are tooth space width, tooth height, tooth thickness, tooth root circle radius and so on. The tooth thickness of the rack is equal to the slot width. 
The processing method of the rack is similar to that of the gear, including hobbing, shaping, shaving, grinding, honing, etc.

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