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Textile industry
Textile industry
Our life is inseparable from the textile industry. The textile industry has experienced from wood loom to sewing machine and now the high-speed running textile machine. It is the development of science and technology and accessories that has contributed to the progress of the textile industry. The production efficiency of textile industry is closely related to people's life. If there is a problem in the operation of the machine, it will bring trouble to the production and life. Our products can not only ensure the normal operation of textile machinery, but also improve its production efficiency and increase economic benefits.

Made of the qualified raw materials, experienced dated skills and strict quality control, YQ transmission products become the first choice when you are looking for the transmission products to assemble your agricultural machinery. All our products meets the industry highest requirements for ANSI,DIN,ASA,SWC,KANA,SATIISO.
YQ’s transmission products adopt the industry standard to help the textile industries:
  • High efficiency operation
  • Durable and flexible performance
  • Professional heat treatment
  • Strict quality control

Where there is the power transmission products, there is YQ.

Hangzhou YQ have been designing and developing high-performance power products for the food and beverage industry. Our products have paved the way for the development of a variety of food and beverage applications.

We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide food and beverage service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs: info@chinatransmissions.com, nik@mrsprocket.com or 0086-18667944319.
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