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The palm oil industry plays a significant role in the global economy, contributing to various sectors and providing essential products for consumers worldwide. However palm oil industry has encountered several significant challenges, prompting concerns from environmentalists, social activists, and consumers.CTS Chains and sprockets are employed in the machinery used for harvesting and transporting fresh fruit bunches from oil palm plantations to processing mills. Conveyor systems with these components help efficiently move the harvested fruit, ensuring a smooth flow of raw materials into the production process. CTS transmission chains and sprockets offer the solutions to improve the efficiency of fruits picking.We have the capability to manufacture custom transmission products for OEM and aftermarket dealers, contact us with your requirements.

Crafted with superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance, our palm oil mill chains guarantee reliable performance, allowing for seamless production operations.

Palm oil mill sprocket is a kind of transmission sprockets applied to conveying materials in the production of palm oil. In palm oil process line, a sprocket needs to have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance for safe and efficient production.

CTS® offers a wide range of conveyor chains for a variety of applications. We have comprehensive size and configuration of ANSI, DIN standard conveyor chains.Our inventory encompasses a complete range of stainless steel conveyor chains and hollow pin conveyor roller chains, ensuring we meet diverse industrial needs efficiently. 

Chain sprockets are vital components in power transmission systems. They consist of toothed wheels designed to engage with and drive chains efficiently. CTS® chain sprockets are meticulously engineered for durability and precision, ensuring seamless performance in various industrial applications.

You rely on your equipment and you need to know that your equipment will be available when you are ready. Palm Oil applications face many challenges, such as:

  • Social Issues and Labor Rights

  • Air and Water Pollution

  • Climate Change Impact

  • Lack of Sustainable Practices

  • Labor Shortages and Skilled Workforce
Our high-quality logistics chains and sprockets options will support tools used in any size operation: CTS Chains and sprockets's reliability, durability, and precise operation contribute to the overall efficiency of palm oil cultivation and processing, realizing the industry's value by ensuring a smooth and continuous production process from the plantation to the final product.


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With the help of CTS products, sustainable and responsible practices, such as those promoted by certification schemes like the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), are crucial for mitigating these concerns and ensuring the long-term viability of the industry. With the help of CTS chains and sprockets, the Palm oil industry can improve the effiency, for example, the P76.7 chain and 90R-S chain assembly the harvesting machines. While downtime is inevitable for any palm oil operation, our goal is to minimize lost time by providing the parts workers need to keep all their equipment in top condition. Day-to-day wear and tear is expected and can be planned for, but we strive to reduce the potential for unplanned downtime by maintaining large palm oil chain inventories.

Whether you are looking for sprockets or chains for harvesting or picking up CTS has your chains and sprockets in stock! For your convenience, we maintain roller chains and sprockets with a variety of dimensions.

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