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Food and beverage
Food and beverage
Nowadays, food and beverages are essential items in human life, and various transmission products have been applied to the food and beverage industry.Because you need to come into contact with food, you need to make our products clean and not rusty. This puts certain requirements on the material of the transmission products, because it may have an impact on human health.So we produce stainless steel transmission products.In the production line of food such as bread, cookies and instant noodles etc. Stainless steel roller chain and stainless steel sprocket. always is applied to conveying and transmission, according to its compact structure, large transmission ratio, high efficiency, less failure and long service life, working under high temperature and low speed. In some large-scale food factory, flat top conveyor chain is applied to convey product.
The food and beverage power produced by YQ uses power transmission parts.
  • High efficiency operation
  • Durable and flexible performance
  • Professional heat treatment
  • Strict quality control
  • Good heat dissipation,
YQ has been committed to providing high-quality products and thoughtful services. We use advanced production equipment to make excellent products. Equipped with own factory, we can check the quality and make the price reasonable.
All our products meets the industry highest requirements for ANSI,DIN,ASA,SWC,KANA,SATIISO:
Where there is the power transmission products, there is YQ.

Hangzhou YQ have been designing and developing high-performance power products for the food and beverage industry. Our products have paved the way for the development of a variety of food and beverage applications.

We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide food and beverage service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.
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