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Worm Gear


Worm Gear

worm GEAR

Worm gear is suitable for industrial applications, heavy equipment and consumer applications with high reduction ratios and are self-locking in many cases. 

At YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS, we are proud to offer the highest precise worm gear to our customers. 

Worm gear are consisted of a worm and a gear, with non-parallel,non-intersecting shafts oriented 90 degrees to each other. The worm is analogous to a screw with a V-type thread, and the gear is analogous to a spur gear.the worm is typically the driving component, with the worm's thread advancing the teeth of the gear.

We can offer worm gear ISO standard from Mod 0.75 to Mod 16, ANSI standard from 3DP to 16DP.

Worm gears can be made from high quality metal, brass ,or from nylon(less noise).

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